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“Once the log jam is opened, the river flows again."
Milton Erickson MD

Our Master PEACE on-line learning experience offers courses and self-help tools that
will help you heal the relationship you have with yourself.

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 "I said 'yes' to MasterPEACE, and the experience changed my life .....!" 

Ginger Cooley 
Longmont, Colorado

Learn to remove the barriers of unmourned loss/hurt, unforgiven guilt/shame, and fear of helplessness and loss of control - barriers keeping you from YOU.

Testimonial - Trauma Recovery

Dr. Bob Carroll, MD Trauma Specialist,
St. Petersburg, Florida

"The exercises and tools used to re-Own and re-Home my pain and guilt were simple yet powerful. It was unlike anything I have experienced or read about in my extensive study of trauma recovery.”

Testimonial - Therapeutic Letter-Writing Tool

Louise Sutherland-Hoyt, M. Ed. C.A.G.S. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Carson City, Nevada

"I discovered that the very losses that I was so frantically running away from, were the very losses that could free me up. Using the therapeutic letter writing tool, I was able to re-own the parts of me that had gone missing. I now celebrate the parts of ME that have found their way back home. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Opus Peace is a U.S.-based not for profit who has been offering in-person events and webinars to thousands of people over the past 10 years. So we can share our unique approach with more people and at a time and place that suits them, we have developed MasterPEACE.

MasterPEACE is an on-line learning experience that provides you with self-help tools to connect scattered pieces of yourself so wholeness can be restored. It utilizes an unburdening process that is designed to help you remove barriers keeping you from becoming more YOU!  

There are many topics to choose from. The first lesson of each course is FREE. Courses include: videos, self-help tools, inspiring music slide shows, self-awareness exercises, and workbooks. Ceremonies for Veterans and for healthcare providers are also available. Licensed Educator opportunities to independently offer MasterPEACE programs at agencies or in the community can be provided; contact us for more information. 

The ARB self-compassioning process is designed to facilitate access to the hero within each of us.
The three steps are:

- Abiding: Showing up open-heartedly to all of the emotional dimensions of life: the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. More importantly, tools are provided for you to embrace the part of self that is experiencing that feeling.

Reckoning: Changing your relationship to a hardship or burden by cultivating the honesty, courage and humility to face the source of your distress and choose a stance that fosters wholeness.

- Beholding: Experiencing a new-found peace with the hardship because the relationship to the problem has shifted. As a result you may be more open to experience the grace of your BE-ing.

Wholistic Tools provide you with an easy-to-use practice that can be immediately applied to change barriers interfering with your well-BEing. It includes an instruction worksheet, video, professional article, and an audio chapter from Deborah Grassman’s book. The Courses are a deeper dive with 6-10 video lessons on the given topic, a self-reflection workbook, multiple professional supplemental materials, and self-awareness exercises for personal growth and healing.

You can access the resources at any time from a computer, tablet, phone or after enrollment via the 'Zenler' app. Licenses to use the materials with groups and counseling programs are also available and for more information click the contact us button below or email or by phone +1 (727) 755-4265 

Our MasterPEACE site has an in-built community. Join our private, online community and connect with students of all ages and backgrounds from around the world who are just like you. Learn through sharing your 'aha' moments.

Once you have enrolled in a course you can access the course materials via the 'Zenler' education app downloadable for free from an app store.

Click the contact us button below or email: to discuss the wellbeing challenges that you wish to solve. We will help you identify resources that can support personal, client or employee wellbeing and growth.

If you click on a course you can view the free introduction videos at the top of each course page and the course content is displayed at the bottom of the page. There are also free tools available via the 'Freebies' tab in the menu.

You know someone who needs one of these courses. You can purchase gift certificates of varying amounts via:  
You will be providing a unique gift to someone that will “keep on giving” for years to come. 

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Cultivate in me the willingness to re-own, re-home, and re-vitalize
scattered pieces of myself so that wholeness can be restored.
Grow in me the honesty, courage, and humility
to release my fears of who I am and who I am not.
Fuel me with your grace.

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