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MasterPEACE empowers you with information and easy to use, self-help tools that liberate unmourned loss/hurt,  unforgiven guilt/shame and fear of helplessness and loss of control  – barriers that may be keeping you from YOU.

Opus Peace provides programs that reckon with Soul Injuries – a wound that develops when a person becomes separated from their sense of self. Soul Injuries might be acquired gradually or they might occur suddenly after trauma.

Restoring wholeness involves learning how to love, forgive, and trust yourself to navigate in the world again by disarming your heart while cultivating personal intimacy with scattered aspects of your own self.


Sally Daub
Caregiver, Nevada

 "I have always been a seeker. I had a gaping wound. I wanted to know where to find help, I was searching for answers..... Learning about Soul Injury gave me three things: 1) understanding and named my pain, 2) validating my suffering, and 3) safety, you had my back"

Larry Burg
Navy Veteran

 "Just hearing the term ‘soul injury’ gave me hope. It validates that something happened to me… something that can be healed."

Dr Bob Carroll MD
Trauma Specialist, Florida

 "The exercises and tools used to re-Own, re-Home, and re-Vitalize the pain and guilt were simple yet powerful. It was unlike anything I have experienced or read about in my extensive study of trauma recovery.”

Opus Peace educational resources are for your personal growth and well-being. 

Videos, self-help tools, inspiring music slide shows, exercises, and workbooks will help you learn an unburdening process that helps you become more YOU!

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