Soul Injury® Corporate Membership

Improve your customer experience, enhance staff well-being, and connect with the general public by providing Soul Injury® education to your community, and proudly declare that you are a Soul Injury® Approved organization.

 “The corporate membership was a game changer for me and my team. Using Soul Speak with staff meetings has helped with team building and cultivating a trusting, open relationship with my field and office staff. These tools worked even in the midst of the chaos of the pandemic."

Karen Kinn MHA
Director of Hospice Services

Membership includes...

Identify and respond to Soul Injury®
- Complete exercises to help people reconnect with their BE-ing.
- Provide self-help tools that respond to unmourned loss/hurt, unforgiven guilt/shame, and fear of helplessness/loss of control

- Empower staff and customers with tools they can self-implement to support their own wellbeing
- Facilitate meaningful conversations about important issues that may be interfering with a person’s inner peace
- Includes two ceremonies to reduce distress and ease burdens—one for caregivers and one for Veterans.

Effectively train your staff with an easy and engaging, informative, online learning platform available on computer, tablet and smartphone app. Our robust library of educational resources includes:
- Soul Injury®
- Self-Compassioning
- Fear of Emotional Pain
- Stress, Trauma & the Brain
- Guilt, Shame & Forgiveness
- Liberating Unmourned Loss
- Fear of Helplessness
- Wholistic Tools
- Aging & Chronic Illness
- Veterans and their Caregivers

App-based access for learning on the go
Support from a named Opus Peace consultant
Monthly course progress reports

For more information on how we can support your staff wellbeing
and your customer's experience -
contact Angie Snyder or phone +1 (727) 755-4265