Making Peace with Helplessness

Become surprised with how helplessness, irrational guilt, and controlling behaviors may be keeping you stuck!

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The Mysterious Triad: 

Helplessness, Unrealistic Guilt, & Overly-Controlling Behaviors

We commonly numb feelings of helplessness, especally feelings of helplessness when under pressure including during traumatic situations.
Not able to exert our influence on people, situations and circumstances may create fear, disappointment, anger and frustration.
We think we should have:
- seen something that was not forseeable
- known then what we know now
- paid attention to something that we had no way of knowing the signifcance at that time

Challenging and traumatic situations often cause people to become overly-controlling in their behaviours.
Have you seen / experienced this response in yourself and/or others?
Do you want to know what causes unrealistic guilt?
Do you want to learn how to make peace with people and situations you have no control over? Find out here!

Learn about the relationship between helplessness, unrealistic guilt and overly-controlling behaviors by recognizing the emotions and resultant behaviors brought about by a sense of helplessness. Then, you can make peace with people and situations you have no control over.

Learning Resources

Deborah Grassman

Few people have been with 10,000 dying veterans; Deborah Grassman is one VA hospice Nurse Practitioner who has. Dying veterans taught her lessons about how to attain personal peace. Ironically, those lessons came from people who had been trained for war! As a result, a phenomenon known as “Soul Injury” has now emerged as a relevant healthcare issue for the public. She contends that 10,000 dying veterans have lessons that the rest of us need to learn! Deborah is the author of two books, Peace at Last and The Hero Within. She is a contributing author for four textbooks, has 25 published articles, and there are 5 documentary films featuring her work.

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