Stress, Trauma and the Brain

Learn how to reset the brain: develop self-compassion, awaken the body where memories are stored, install new software in the brain & much more!

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Stress, Trauma and the Brain

Ongoing, unrelenting, stress can wear a person down. It slowly and gradually exerts PTSD-like effects on the brain and nervous system. This kind of stress can affect anyone but often impacts caregivers. 

Whether providing care to a family member or working as a professional healthcare provider, caregivers face loss, change, and transition on a daily basis. Because the losses are chronic, they may not even be recognized, subtly robbing the caregiver of their well-being. The literature now recognizes this as “Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder” (STSD). 

This course utilizes research findings from Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, The Body Keeps the Score, to identify techniques for resetting the brain by installing new “software”. Tools that awaken self-compassion will help you cultivate the honesty, courage, and humility to re-vitalize your sense of BE-ing.    

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  • Trauma, Distress, & Well-Being
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Catherine Tye

Opus Peace Senior Intern & UK Ambassador passionate about sharing Soul Injury resources for self-directed learning.