Wholistic Tools: Soul Injury Assessment - A Self Connection Tool

Soul Injury Inventory: A Self-Connection Tool 

Have there been times in your life when you felt lost, 
maybe forgot who you really were, 
started putting on facades to try to become someone else? 

Do you sometimes feel like you’re leading a counterfeit life? 

This is often how we start acquiring a Soul Injury.
The Soul Injury inventory is a simple tool you can use to raise awareness 
about possible ways you may have become disconnected with yourself.

This lesson offers a self-awareness tool that offers insight 
and reflection for personal growth within yourself and also for others. 

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“Soul Injury is helping me to not only learn about myself, but others. I now have a tool to get dialogue started. Also, somehow it gave me the sense that I’m not alone. I am forever grateful for this new tool.”

Cheryl Kutyna

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Soul Injury
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