Soul Injury Essentials

Learn how unmourned loss/hurt, unforgiven guilt/shame & helplessness/fear of loss of control might be keeping you from the life you are meant to have!


Course Summary

Soul Injury Essentials

Few people have been with 10,000 dying Veterans; five VA hospice nurses have. The lessons they learned reveal a process for attaining personal peace, and ironically, these lessons have come from people who had been trained for war. The lessons learned are now being extrapolated to people who are not Veterans and who are not dying. Are there times in our own life when you feel lost or forget who you are? Who better to show us how to find peace in the midst of chaos and crisis than combat Veterans who have had a lifetime to reflect on war and its aftermath?
The purpose of this course is to guide you through a process to help you identify wounds that might be keeping you from who you are meant to be:

 - Gain basic knowledge about a wound that separates people from their personhood.

- Be inspired by discovering truths that can only be taught by the dying.

- Use the workbook to start considering how a Soul Injury might be subtley impacting your life.

- Raise awareness about tools that can help you release barriers that might be preventing access to your deepest self.


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Soul Injury

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