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Practical Tools & Practices

Are you looking for practical tools and practices that can help you connect with your deepest self
Are you interested in learning how to cultivate WISDOM so you can TRUST the essence of who you really are? 
If so, the Opus Peace library of tools and practices can help.

 The lessons will explore wholistic ways to help you connect to your BE-ing…to your sense of SELF. 
At Opus Peace, we call this BEHOLDING – HOLDING your BEING. 

What if you already have everything you need in order to be whole? 
What if it’s NOT about overcoming, enduring, or rising above problems,
 but rather learning how to connect with who you ALREADY are?

Course Curriculum

AND: Choose your Stance Part 1 “The aim of being able to hold many truths at once isn’t just an exercise in tolerance or acceptance. It’s also a way to increase the pathways you have toward flourishing and meaning-making. This tool offers us gifts that we hadn’t considered before.”

Jessica Dore

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