Wholistic Tools: Mourning as a Tool to Release Loss & Hurt

Mourning to Release Loss & Hurt 

Hurting people hurt other people. 

Until we recognize that hate, despair, and hostility are 
actually the acting out of unmourned losses and hurts,
 then we will continue to look in the wrong place to heal the violence in our world. 

Underneath violence and hostility, you will find hurt and loss.

 What you may not have realized is that mourning is a way to release the hurt – 
a way to make it conscious so that it doesn’t sabotage your well-being. 

Course Curriculum

“Who knew that the secret to living well is mourning? I learned this in this lesson and it has been a revelation! Mourning is not something I’ve allowed myself to do because my family are STOICS. We hold it together even if it is destroying our souls! Today, I mourned a part of myself I had abandoned and locked up and I welcomed her back home. I didn’t know how to reintegrate my fragmented soul until today.

Charlene H

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Mourning as a
Tool to Release
Loss & Hurt

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