Wholistic Tools: Pain & Peace Together - A Contemplative Practice

Pain & Peace Together - A Contemplative Practice

Your soul is not afraid of loss and hurt. 
Your soul knows how to mourn your pain. 
It’s a matter of learning how to listen to it! 

You can retrain your brain so that pain and peace can sit side by side without fear. 
This might seem like an oxymoron because most of us fight or flight emotional distress.
It doesn’t occur to us that pain and peace could coexist together because no one has taught us how to do that. 

Glimpsing the part of self capable of holding emotional pain helps you connect with your courage – 
that brave space that’s already inside you waiting...

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“I have so much hope now realizing that peace can really reside with pain so that the pain no longer haunts me.”

Cheryl Dean

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Pain & Peace

$9.97 USD

“It’s not always comfortable to sit with my pain and peace together. But this tool is helping me learn and realize that the view is SPECTACULAR!”

Ginger Veal